Data Analysis and Presentation

Data Analysis and PresentationData analysis means to develop answers of the questions through interpretation and examination of data. The step involved in the analysis process is to identify the issues, determine the availability of the specific data, applying methods, selecting the methodology that is suitable to use to get the answer of the questions under study, summarizing and evaluating data to communicate the results. Data analysis is useful to get the results from administrative sources, surveys and providing the information on gaps of data and to plan new statistical activities, designing surveys and redesigning it and to formulate the quality objectives.

Before conducting the analytical study the objective of the analysis should be stated and understand the issues to address and identify the problem under study. Moreover, you should also understand why the issue is interesting and how the answer of the questions will contribute to the existing knowledge or information. In addition, how the research study is relevant and what type of data you are going to use should be stated. The justification of data used should also be stated that why it is the best source for the analysis. If there is any limitation, then state them. The analytical methods used and why it is appropriate to get answers and how it will clarify the objective and purpose of the study. Think about your audience, who is interested in this issue.

For the study and analysis. Before conducting analysis, you must sure that data is appropriate. Sometimes it may happen that data collected does not provide the desired results or accurate results. It is because of the fact that sometimes the data provider or respondent does not provide the accurate data especially in the case of surveys. If you are collecting data through questionaries’ then chances of wrong data is higher because the respondent does not take interest in providing data and they mark the answers without reading it. In addition, they may do not have enough time to answer the questions adequately. Therefore, students should make sure to inform the respondent that they have enough time to complete survey but do not provide inaccurate data. Inaccurate data will lead to the inappropriate result.

Most of the analysis is based upon the observational studies than controlled experiments. Some of analysis like literature review analysis could be get from dissertation writing service providers. You should avoid drawing conclusions concerned with causality. You should avoid the arbitrary reference point.You can use meaningful point of references that includes generation-to-generation difference for legislative and demographic changes. In order to present data focus on the important topic and variables. Arrange the ideas in the logical manner and relate the paragraphs. Use the sidebars, heading and subheading in order to strengthen the organization.

Use the simple language that the reader can easily understand by hiring essay writing services. As the table and graphs in order to communicate the message. When tables are used, then make sure that format shows that clarity of data in tables and interpret data adequately. The appropriate spacing, appearance and placement of titles, wording, columns, rows, labeling, and headings should be considered. All the data should be written and organized in such a way that it shows a link between each other.


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