How to Write a Doctoral Philosophy Dissertation?

Doctoral Philosophy DissertationA doctoral dissertation in philosophy is written in the form of a story, a story of arguments. It should be of 200-250 pages with four to five chapters.


A good and well thought out story has a rough draft to begin with. Similarly, when writing a scholarly document with help of Phd dissertation writing services, some essential elements must be considered, namely; the beginning – this part describes where the story starts, the ending – this part will conclude the story, the middle – this section contains all the relevant stuff that is needed to tell the story, and finally, the irrelevant fragments – this part of the story has a lot of extra stuff, that is not needed and therefore, should be left out.


Before beginning to write the thesis, always bear in mind that, the story should be told out loud, either to yourself or to a friend. Come up with all possible arguments and convincing solutions, re-read the rough draft and analyze it from every angle before starting to write the final essay. Chapter one should normally have the thesis statement with a brief explanation. Chapter two onwards should comprise of all the survey and critique of literature. Be sure to put footnotes at the bottom of the page where the committee members can see in your final Phd dissertation. It is always good to number the footnotes as well.


Before writing a paragraph in a dissertation, write the outline of each chapter with headings and sub- headings in correct order of the story. If the idea or topic is original, always put it in a footnote. This helps bring the fact to the attention of the review committee, and they can give credit for novelty. It is best to start writing the dissertation quite early in the year. Try to write at least one page every day. That way it will be finished well within the due date. If possible, try to write two pages per day including weekends. This will help in completing the daunting task in about four months and much time will be left for thorough reviewing.


Unlike regular story books, which have an unknown audience, philosophical dissertations are catered for specific audience, who are also philosophers. Your arguments will be challenged by them, but they would generally like to approve it. So the task is easier and less complex. Many students fail to get their PhD degree simply because they don’t complete their nursing dissertation abstract. They get overwhelmed by the thought of writing such a lengthy research paper and thus, fail to present it to the review committee.


One point which must be kept in mind is that, a dissertation doesn’t have to be great to get approved. So, students should make all possible efforts to complete it to the best of their ability and present it to the committee. If they submit a completed work, they are most likely to get the degree. The panel of examiners are there to assess not only what’s on the paper but also the effort put forth by the student. Experts in this field have highly stressed on this point because as per their opinion, they have never seen a student, who have completed the dissertation, fail to get the degree.


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